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Create a Unique Journey to Goal Setting

Setting a goal is the start to creating a pathway to personal growth. If you type the words "personal growth" into Google, you'll produce pages of key areas of personal development. The most common five areas are education, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social. Motivation, willingness to work hard, step outside of your comfort zone, and the desire to learn and grow are key elements to obtaining any goal. However, you need to create a plan. 
Organization is a key element to obtaining a goal. It is way to easy to become overwhelmed with what you want to do and to do it quickly without a plan. Success takes time, and as the old saying goes, "Slow and steady wins the race." Far too many times our minds rush to what we want rather than thinking through ways to achieve a goal. 

Focus on what it is you want to accomplish. Ask yourself  a few basic questions: 

  • What do I want to accomplish?¬†
  • Is this a long term goal or a short term goal?¬†
  • What will it take to get there?¬†

There are many ways to begin to plan out your journey to accomplishing a goal. Using a pen and paper or simply typing away on a blank document is one way to brainstorm. Let  whatever comes to mind hit the page. Then, go back and read your thoughts highlighting  what could become steps to create your plan. 

Many people find creating lists helpful. This is a way to prioritize what needs to get done and stay on track. They use specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals, known as SMART goals, in order to make them feel tangible, and to motivate. Next, steps are set to realize each goal and checked off as completed.  

Using a Google calendar can be a great way to create, track, and accomplish goals. Open the calendar, and in the bottom right click on "Create". You will get a screen that asks you to "Choose a goal" and the "Calendar schedules sessions for your goals at good times." Choices include "Exercise", "Building a Skill", "Family and Friends", "Me Time", and "Organize My Life". To create a custom goal, pick a category, then tap "Custom" The new screen will ask you "Which activity?" and provide a list of activities. You simply need to follow the directions  on the screen to set up your goal, tap done, and sessions will be automatically added to your calendar, starting with the first four weeks. You can adjust the time or length of these events at any time.

One important way to commit to a goal is to share it with someone you trust. Sometimes it helps to put your dreams and desires out into the universe by sharing it with at least one other person. It just may be what helps you attain your goal. 

Whatever plan you've established, revisit it often. Revise when needed and remember to celebrate your successes along the way. Allow yourself grace, pausing to reflect on what you've done, what you want, and the pride you deserve to feel in your accomplishments. YOU are the only one who can truly make you happy 

Breathe, smile, and take time for you. Set your goals for what you truly desire and create your unique pathway that will help you find success. 

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Kathleen Palmieri

Kathleen Palmieri is a National Board Certified Teacher, a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Learning Facilitator, and a fifth grade educator in upstate New York. She reviews professional texts and is an educator researcher and writer. As a writer with a passion for pedagogy, Kathleen's focus is on education practices, and strategies, as well as her own experiences as an educator. Educator well being is a priority, thus the name "Mindful Teaching Moments". Mindfulness along with knowledge is important. She has presented at math conferences, writing workshops, actively collaborates in literacy projects, and networks globally.