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What I Loved on Twitter Last Week

I enjoy logging into Twitter and checking out some of the thoughts and news from the many authors, educators, companies, and contributors. Take a look at a few of my great finds from this past week!
#1. "The Case For Rereading Ramona As An Adult" written by Jessica Plummer @BookRiot on BookRiot.com https://bookriot.com/rereading-ramona-as-an-adult/

Beloved children's author Beverly Cleary passed away on March 25th at the age of 104. As an author, Ms. Cleary wrote wonderful books with engaging, realistic characters that have stood the test of time. Her books were a part of my own reading history, and I felt a sense of nostalgia as I read Jennifer Plummer's heartwarming article about the Ramona books, and the unforgetable character of Ramona. This article is well worth the time to read, and I promise you will finish with a longing to read a few of your childhood books as an adult.

2. https://twitter.com/StartoverDotCom - I attended the virtual event, "Bilbliotherapy as Self Care" with literacy teacher educator and author Stephanie Affinito @affinitolit,  It was a great conversation that answered the questions: 
    Why is a strong reading life essential to our physical and mental well-being?
  • What is bibliotherapy and how can we use it to help us live curiously and grow through what we go through?
  • What are some simple, yet impactful, ways to cultivate your reading life and which books might we start with?

Stephanie Affinito is the author of two books,  Literacy Coaching: Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools and Technology and Leading Literate Lives: Habits and Mindsets for Reimagining Classroom Practice. You can find her online at stephanieaffinito.com and on Twitter at @AffinitoLit.

#3 - Heinemann Publishing-  @HeinemannPub- "Teacher Appreciation Week!" 
 Use coupon code TAW21 to receive 30% OFF the list price + FREE SHIPPING on professional books.  This code is only available through online orders from April 30 through May 8, 2021 on the Heinemann website. 
(Great time to purchase the above mentioned titles by Stephanie Affinito!)

#4 - New York Times Learning Network @NYTimeslearning-Check out the information in the link below for their May 6th Webinar:

#5 Trevor Mackenzie offered a look at the table of contents for Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition https://twitter.com/trev_mackenzie/status/1388210205259751424/photo/1

I hope you enjoy exploring these great finds! 

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Kathleen Palmieri is a National Board Certified Teacher, a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Learning Facilitator, and a fifth grade educator in upstate New York. She reviews professional texts and writes education articles for Middleweb. As a writer with a passion for pedagogy, Kathleen's focus is on education practices and strategies, as well as her own experiences as an educator. She has presented at math conferences, writing workshops, actively collaborates in literacy projects, and networks globally.